Naruto RPCs (role playing characters) are the most common I've seen. Ranging from "surviving Uchias" to "Naruto's long lost sister/brother" to "Naruto's future daughter". Most Female RPCs are matched up with either Naruto, Sasuke, or Kiba. Most male RPCs, on the other hand, are paired up with other female/male RPCs or they are alone. A large percentage of RPCs now have a demon and/or curse mark. "Mary-sues", which are another type of RPC, are considered a problem in which someone's RPC is more powerful and/or invincible, unlike a realistic character from the show (due to the creator relating themselves to the character). Some of the more common traits of a "Mary-sue" include immortality, a demon, and/or curse mark, being able to easily kill a main character from the show, having the ability to use every created jutsu, or being the leader of the Akatsuki.

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